Amazon expected to launch rival Stadia game streaming in 2020

The Stadia game streaming service arrived this week , and Google was the first big company to dive into this segment, but it certainly won’t be the only one. In addition to Microsoft making rapid progress in xCloud development , CNET points out that Amazon should launch next year its own platform for streaming games running in the cloud.

According to two people familiar with Amazon’s activities , Jeff Bezos’s firm is building an experienced team to hit the right-footed streaming game market . “The company started recruiting people from big companies like Microsoft to help with the launch,” explains CNET .

The interest of the Amazon in the area is not new , and from the beginning of the year there are rumors that the firm is working on an initiative that targets the streaming market games . According to previously offered jobs, the new service will leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) powerful cloud infrastructure.


In addition, the news should hit the market by working with Twitch . The integration between platforms would serve to combat the joint work between Stadia and YouTube . According to Google, its streaming service will allow players to start games and play games from the video site in the future .

Original games under development
Evidence that Amazon is developing a streaming platform is also in line with the company’s investments in producing original games. The Seattle giant is producing an MMO called New World , which is already in the testing phase and will be integrated with Twitch.

Amazon has also announced the development of an online game Lord of the Rings , which will be released for free for consoles and PCs. The company has not yet revealed many details about the production, but a job vacancy has hinted that the title will have a lot of social focus and possibly bring special interactions with Twitch.

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